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Our Free Large Print PDF Version
of the Changes to the
Roman Missal, Third Edition

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has provided a guide to changes in the people's parts of the Mass. New texts of the Missal will be available for use in the Liturgy on the first Sunday of Advent 2011 (November 27, 2011). We provide an extra large print version (in 18 point type, PDF format) of a chart showing the changes from the present text to the new text with accompanying commentary. It may be viewed on-screen or printed. It is provided free of any charge. It is not copy-protected. We encourage you to make copies for friends.

This publication is not the entire Missal, just the changes.

To download the entire file (187 KB - 49 pages), click on:

The Bishops' General Instructions can be found at

The material provided is based upon Roman Missal Formational Materials provided by the Secretariat for the Liturgy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. 2002

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